Karen Beam Architect LLC


Karen Beam grew up as Karen Dugdale, born in Texas and relocated to Bryn Mawr at age 8, attending Radnor schools where she began her art education.  Abroad in France during eleventh grade, she realized that she wanted to be an architect, and then attended Syracuse University's 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program, graduating in 1998.  Karen spent another year abroad in college, this time in Florence, Italy, soaking in the culture and gaining an appreciation for traditional design methods and details.  After college, she worked as a project manager in a few local firms learning the residential design trade and started her own practice in 2005 after getting licensed.

Karen Beam Architect, LLC is a one-woman firm dedicated to high quality residential architecture through a careful, personal design process. Karen focuses on understanding her clients' priorities and exploring a variety of solutions in order to arrive at the best design.  She has worked extensively on older traditional-style homes, updating and enlarging them for modern family life while retaining the richness of detail of the originals.  Karen tends naturally toward sustainable building practices, and is always looking for innovative, efficient solutions to the puzzle that each project presents.

If you would like to discuss a renovation or new home project, please contact Karen to schedule a free consultation.